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Recruitment Form For Self Employed

Our business is growing quickly and this means we need more owner drivers for our fast moving, Sameday service. But there’s more to this than driving – we see our owner drivers as our business partners, so we want you to be among the best. That means sharing our commitment to first class customer service as well as being well presented, personable and genuinely motivated to ‘go the extra mile’.

We can offer you:

Flexible working hours as work is available 24/7 365 days a year throughout the UK
Good rates of pay
High earning potential – the more you deliver the more you earn
Regular weekly payments
Automatic self-billing (no need to invoice us, we do all the paperwork for you)
Please call Mon – Thu 10am – 2pm to arrange an interview or further more details

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    NEW account customers can enjoy up to 10% discount

    The eye symbol

    It is believed that the Nazar Boncugu (Evil Eye) deflects that negative energy that is being directed towards a person onto itself, thus dispersing its power of bad intentions therefore we want to protect your consignments. What is more. Use this lucky charm.

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